At ON SIGHT 24/7 we are dedicated to providing the protection you need across your property, fields and livestock.

We have various cameras that allow for still photos, tracking, rewinding, zooming and so much more.

Not only can we provide the equipment, we also have a technical team to back our service and walk you through daily camera operation.

Why Do I Need This Service?


Calving Season

Take calving season to a whole new level and never leave the comfort of your home. Calving barn cameras offer the convenience of monitoring the cattle with your phone, tablet or computer. We have various cameras that allow for day or night viewing, rewinding, recording and zooming. It’s best to give us a call and speak with our video surveillance expert for your calving needs.


Have eyes on your assets such as shops, tools, fuel tanks and grain bins. Notifications are available to know when someone drives on to your property, monitor hired hands or zoom across your neighboring field. The possibilities are endless!
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Let's Get Started


Can they see in the dark?
Yes, a stationary camera typically ranges 100 ft to our PTZ model that can range 500 ft.
Distance varies depending on the camera you have in a location. A stationary camera can view 50ft-75ft to our PTZ model that can range several hundred feet.
Can I combine two locations into one system and view it from my phone or home?
Potentially. It all depends on the line of sight between locations and the distance within range. It’s best to give us a call to specifically look at the location.
Do I need the internet to work?
The system will work on it’s own without internet. Internet is needed¬† in order to view the cameras remotely and to stream to another location.
How many cameras can i have on one system?
This question really depends on what you are the cameras to do for you. It’s best to give our office a call and we can discuss your options.
Will i be able to read a license plate?
Yes. We have a couple different options we can work with depending on your location.