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One of the most popular features on a camera on a farm is an camera alert to your sell phone. This feature is an excellent way of know if someone has entered your farm. This farm security feature of the camera is helpful, but it can also have drawbacks. On the farm, there is a lot of motion. If the camera is not configured correctly, you will get a lot of notifications to your phone. Be aware that the camera uses an image sensor to detect motion and to trigger the alert. Image sensors can pick up changes in light and therefor send erroneous alerts. The son rising or setting can cause a poor quality camera.

Additional setting available on the cameras include alerts by direction of traffic and during certain times of the day or night. The schedule alerts are really handy if you want to be notified of traffic after 11:00 pm and before 6:00 AM. A time of day when nothing should be setting off the alert.

The alert technology is improving and as time goes by, new updates will make the alerts more reliable. Have a site survey done on your farm to see if a camera with alert technology will work. Every farm is different and a review will make sure the camera will work.