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If you Google farm security cameras, there are hundreds of camera solution possibilities out there.  There are pictures of kits with multiple cameras, near a black or white recording box.   The kits are based on one single premise,  you can plug the camera into the back of the box or you can connect the cameras to the recorder with a WIFI connection.


The key to any camera system is connectivity.  Can you connect the camera to a hard wire or by WIFI.

Most farms are spread-out from the house.  Buildings, grain bins, houses all need able space.  The space requirement causes large distances between areas.

If a machine shed is 300 feet from the recording server, there is no way to attach or connect the wire.  The systems that have that have a wired option only are limited to the capability of running the wire from the camera back to the recorder.

While WIFI based systems have more capability, the trouble with WIFI is range and stability of connection are a concern.  A typical WIFI Router located in the house can only reach about 150 feet at max in the farm yard.  So to cover a asset location greater than that does not work.  If WIFI extenders are at work, you might have more range, but the same stability issues are a concern.

The key to a camera system on a farm is the wireless network that connects all the cameras.  This requires experts in wireless technologies.