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On Sight recommends systems that can retain at least 30 day recordings. Our recommendation is based on 12 years of experience. Part of of our service model is looking up event recording for farmers. We have discovered that many time, farmers do not know they have a problem with theft until after a week or so. This is because many assets on a farm go unused for weeks at a time. If a thief is stealing gas, they may only be taking 20 gallons a time. That would go unnoticed unless someone took 100 gallons on 5 different occasions. The total stolen would be noticed.

Make sure your system can satisfy the 30 day recording recommendation.

Many systems sold at box stores include many cameras but lack the storage capability to get more than a weeks worth of recordings. There are many factors that affect the number of days recordings.

1. How many cameras installed?
2. What is the resolution in megapixel?
3. Is the camera setup to record on motion or full time recording?
4. If it is setup for motion, how much motion is there?
5. How big is the internal storage / hard drive of the network video recorder (NVR).