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Chances are you know the thief that steal from your farm. In our 12 years of experience protecting family farms, our footage has shown that most of the time the thief is someone you know.
The thief could be a friend or a friend of a friend. Because of their proximity they know you, they know where you are, and they know where your assets are located. Most farms are off the major roads, and the only people who drive those roads are the farmers. That is why the thief is less likely to be a complete stranger that happens upon your farm.

Sometime you know the thief because they are an employee. In the recent year, a farmer friend had an employee that would backup to the gas pumps and help themselves to 10-15 gallons of gas.
A recent story in the newspaper talked about grain theft. The producer is out 100s of thousands of dollars.

In Nebraska, one of our customers caught an employee stealing cattle and selling them at the local sale barn in Yankton, SD. Without the On Sight 24/7 cameras at the sale barn, the employee would not have been caught and convicted.