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We see it time after time. Companies providing sales but no or slow support.

In the security camera industry, the initial sale up front is the most profitable transaction. Sell the camera, recorder and installation. Customers needs it all, they will oblige. Need help a year or so later, they may or may not take your call.

We took over another customer last week that suffered from very tardy service. The customers requests service, it could take up to 3 months to see a service tech. The farther you are from the larger cities with providers, the longer you may wait.

This also happens with providers in small towns as well. They make the sale up front. Small towns usually have 1 person who sells, installs and support their systems. If they are busy, do you think they have time to fix your system? Many promote their free customer service when they pitch their systems. Do you think free service would be a priority for them if there is no reveniue to pay for it. If they are very successful at selling systems with this premise, will they have time to service those systems sold?

They are always looking for the next system to install. Again, that initial sale is how they survive for another day.

When you consider your next system, determine if service important? You might want to make that your top consideration from who you buy from.