Common Troubleshooting Fixes:

Make sure there is power at the location of all equipment. GFCI outlets are a frequent problem. 

Make sure your Internet is working by trying to visit a web page. 

Reboot your equipment (router, recording device & the grey box at the camera location)

If your Internet Provide has recently replaced your router or Modem please contact us. 


If after completing these steps you are still having problems, contact our Support Team:


Phone: 1-800-295-7091 Opt. 2


For Remote Troubleshooting

First make sure you do not have TeamViewer already installed. (It should be on the main Desktop of your computer)

If it is not there click on the TeamViewer Download button that is appropriate for the type of computer you have. 

This will let us remote into a local computer and troubleshoot the system.

During the installation process select Basic Installation and For Personal/Non Commercial Use when prompted. 

The On Sight Support Plan Includes:

A dedicated Support Team to help you.
The Support Team monitors the health of your system through alerts and determines the problem.

Mobile Access
Support will make sure you have access to the cameras from your mobile devices.

We will work with you to get your system back up and going if it goes down.

On Sight performs software and firmware updates to maintain security.

Camera Warranty
All cameras and recording devices have at least a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Wireless & Networking equipment have a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Existing Customers:

Feel free to contact us via email using the below contact form. Otherwise please call us at 1-800-295-7091 Opt. 2 for assistance. 

Our normal hours are Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

(Extended hours are implemented during calving season) 

Email Support

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