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On Sight 24/7 products are designed to provide the best results in the toughest of environments.    All equipment can be used in typical and atypical environments.  From caving barns and to cattle feedlots.  Our products have evolved to handle the job.

Our On Sight 24/7 systems can be used at your business and can also be viewed from remote locations.    There are dozens if not hundreds of options in your business.   Make sure you use the one that ensures the perfect solution with outstanding reliability.  the purpose of a good security integrator is to determine what the customers’ needs and to get it.  We have spent the last 11 years evaluating our products to meet the security challenges of small business and farms.

Our products include Access Control, Security Cameras and alarm systems.

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Get Peace of Mind with a New Security System

Peace of mind comes at a premium these days. Fortunately, On Sight 24/7 can provide you with the best security system to put your mind at ease. Not only can our solutions deter would-be criminals, but they also allow you to keep tabs on your business, farm, or residence when you can’t be there yourself. We serve clients across the Midwestern United States from our headquarters in Mitchell, SD. When you work with us, you’ll have a team of experts standing behind you every step of the way. Find out what we can do for you.

Meeting Your Security System Needs

We’re dedicated to meeting your needs with all kinds of systems. Our team specializes in a gamut of solutions, including surveillance setups, wireless security camera systems, and upgrades to existing systems. Learn more about what we have to offer:

security cameras on light pole

Security Assessment & Design

Everyone needs slightly different security setups for maximum peace of mind. Some properties might only require a few cameras, but large commercial buildings and farms need something much more complex. Our team will sit down with you to better understand your needs. We’ll also complete a physical and technical assessment of the area to make accurate recommendations. Good security assessment and design are crucial to a well-protected property.

Surveillance Upgrade

Perhaps you already have one of the best outdoor wireless security cameras. Nevertheless, you’ll need a surveillance upgrade at some point. Security technology is constantly advancing, so it’s only a matter of time before your existing system becomes outdated. Our team can recommend important upgrades to ensure that your system is still returning your investment.

Solution Installation & Kit Support

Our contractors throughout the Midwest are skilled in installation for a wide range of security solutions. We’ll make sure everything is hooked up correctly and works perfectly before leaving. However, even the best systems malfunction once in a while. We provide exceptional kit support when you need an expert to get your system up and running again.

When Should I Install Security Solutions?

Investing in a security system is never a waste of money. Peace of mind is priceless, and even just one surveillance camera can offer you that sense of safety. What’s more, security cameras are often instrumental in reducing theft and increasing the chances of catching the criminal. Consider installing security solutions if any of the following apply to you:

Your business is expanding

Your property has been vandalized before

You need to keep an eye on barn animals

You want to feel more security at your home, farm, or business

on sight team

How We Can Help

No matter the scope of your security needs, On Sight 24/7 can help. We work with hundreds of businesses and farms across the Midwestern United States, providing top-notch systems and support. Our team does it all—from the initial planning to tech help whenever you need it. Our friendly team is dedicated to streamlined service, regardless of your circumstances.

Give Us a Call to Learn More

Are you in the market for a new security system? On Sight 24/7 wants to be your go-to for all security solutions. Whenever you feel uncomfortable or less-than-totally-safe at your property, we encourage you to give us a call. Whether you’re near our headquarters in Mitchell or live elsewhere in the Midwest, we’re committed to your peace of mind. Contact us today.

Security Cameras for Farms, Homes, and Small Business