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Invest in Total Protection for Your Business

Every business owner wants to feel their assets are secure. One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your commercial property is with an advanced security system. For businesses across the central United States,  On Sight 24/7 provides exceptional security upgrades and counsel. We’ll work with you to build your ideal surveillance system, complete with cameras in all the most important locations. Not only will you feel more confident when you lock up your doors for the night, but you’ll also have peace of mind that you can monitor your workplace from anywhere.

Security Solutions

What You Get When You Work with Us

On Sight 24/7 is dedicated to providing the best customer experience. As our clients are our number-one priority, we want to ensure you receive numerous perks of working with us. Our clients enjoy the following when they choose our commercial services:

  • Technical support
  • Access to the expertise of a system designer
  • Thorough security assessments
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • A wide selection of products
  • Peace of mind

Choose From a Range of Security Cameras

At On Sight 24/7, we strive to provide you with numerous choices as you build your security systems. We carry everything from traditional solutions to state-of-the-art technology. Our team can explain the benefits of each type of security camera and recommend the best model for your needs. Here are just a few varieties of camera you may select:

Pan Tilt Zoom

Cameras with this feature give you total control over the camera's movement. You can pivot your device easily via remote access.


If you only need one view of a specific area, stationary cameras may be your best investment.


If you'd like to be able to review footage of a certain area, a recording camera is a choice for you. With this type of camera, you can do much more than just monitor a space. Rather, you can playback the tape for a timeline of a particular period.

Security Cameras for Farms, Homes, and Small Business