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The Challenge of WI-Fi On The Farm is that it is hard to predict where WI-Fi coverage will fall off.   Most producers get use to the limited coverage area and learn to live with it.  Our experience has shown that there are many factors that affect the WiFi signal strength and availability in the farm yard.  The most important fact is router location.

Location of Router – Is the wireless router on the main floor of house or in the basement?  A basement router is OK for access to WiFi in the house but the sub ground location kills the signal outside the house.  We suggest you move the router above ground and closest to the side of the house where you want internet in the yard.

Age of Router – Many farmers have routers that are at least 10 years old.  It isn’t something people think about replacing unless it stops working.  We suggest replacing the router every 5 years.  That way you have fresh router that is full strength capable and also has some nice security firewall  features.

Obstructions – There are many factors that influence the strength and capacity of a WI-Fi signal.    As an example, parking a large truck in the line of site between the house and the rest of the farm will severely affect coverage and bandwidth.

Below is an interesting video link about WiFi extenders.