Nationally recognized as the leader in Farm, Home, and Business Security Cameras.

On Sight can provide the security camera system that is perfect for your operation.  From a single calving barn camera to dozens of cameras at an Ethanol plant.

On Sight camera systems provide the security you need at a price you can afford.

On Sight Exclusive – On Sight Patrol

This camera is on a patrol of a large area on a farm.  The camera is recording all activity at each stop.  Possible patrol stop includes fuel, machine shed, grain bins, and residence.  Our patrol works 24 hours a day and is customized for your farm.


Farm Security

Farm Security Camera on Pole

PowerTrak 360 Watching Farm Yard

Ethanol Plant Video Surveillance

“Cheap security cameras are good enough until you need them”

Don’t be fooled into thinking a $300 Internet Special will provide the security you need.

Do it right the first time with an On Sight 24/7 professionally designed system!