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On Sight 24/7 Featured in Successful Farming Magazine

On Sight 24/7 customers discuss why they use farm security cameras on their farms.   They also discuss why they choose On Sight vs. low cost providers available.

Digital High Definition Cameras:

On Sight only sells high definition Farm Security Cameras.  With digital cameras, the resolution is very clear. Digital cameras also have many other features such as auto tracking like our PowerTrak 360 and hemispheric cameras that can view an entire room at one time with one camera.  Our systems can be as simple as a single camera on a utility pole or a more complex system of dozens of cameras watching a large multi-location operation.


On Sight on RFD-TV: On Sight wireless and video surveillance products featured on Successful Farming TV show on RFD-TV (11/24/16).   The show featured new and innovative Christmas gift ideas for farmers.

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Only On Sight has the the PowerTrak 24/7 System.  The PowerTrak 24/7  has all the features to protect your farm.  Our system includes Entry Detection, Motion Tracking Camera, High Definition Resolution, 20 X Optical Zoom, Wireless Connectivity, Remote Access, Health Monitoring and a 5 Year Warranty.  We can extend the system to remote areas with cellular internet and solar power. Contact Brian Price 1-800-295-7091 for more details on how this solution can be used on your farm.

Farm Security Cameras built for Agriculture:

On Sight 24/7 specializes in the unique video surveillance needs of agriculture.  Our systems have a proven track record of up time and reliability in the harshest environments.  Our Ag camera solutions include Wireless Barn Cameras, feedlot security, sale barn monitoring, Construction Camera ,dairy operations and farm yard security. With our wireless capability, we can create a solution to monitor all areas of your operation.


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