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On Sight Virtual and on site survey is the best start to an understanding what systems you need on your farm. We take the time to listen to your concerns and to understand your priorities for your farm. With a clear direction, our farm security experts can design a camera map that will fill the security need. The map is the cornerstone for design, install and support for your new system.

On Sight Virtual and on site survey is very easy to do. We can perform the survey over the phone virtually or we can do it on your farm. Taking the time to perform the site survey will ensure success of your system.

Customized Security Assessment and Design is Crucial

Is it time to implement a surveillance camera system at your property? While it’s tempting to go to your nearest hardware store and purchase a few cameras, that often isn’t enough to adequately protect your farm or business. At On Sight 24/7, we provide exceptional security assessment and design, so you can rest assured that your property is safe from would-be criminals. Every property across the Midwest is different, so you need a system that is fine-tuned to your needs. Look to our team whenever you need customized security solutions.

camera on side of metal building

What to Expect from On Sight 24/7

Our surveillance testing services are second to none. With years of combined experience behind our team, we only provide the gold standard in security solutions. We’re well aware that your farm, business, or commercial property is your livelihood, and we recognize the importance of maintaining its safety. When you request service, you can expect the following:

Virtual or On Site Survey

Our team uses Google Maps to understand the layout of your property. We will also schedule a phone call with you to get a better grasp of your unique needs. Once we have all the details, we’ll get to work designing a surveillance approach customized to your property.

Solution Design & Map

If you don’t have the proper technology, a high-tech security system won’t be in the cards. Our team uses tried-and-true assessment strategies to learn more about the computer and internet capabilities of your property.

How You Can Benefit From a Custom System

Whether you’re dealing with a multi-location farm or a small retail establishment, a custom security system can greatly benefit you. But why invest in such a complex system when you could just buy a run-of-the-mill surveillance camera? Those who choose custom options over traditional enjoy these advantages:

  • An Array of Options: Custom systems allow you a world of options when it comes to controls, motion detectors, and more. You can adapt your system to the unique needs of your facility.
  • Smart Features: Smart home technology is becoming more and more common. Why not add some of that tech to your business? Automatic lights, smart locks, and remote controls are all excellent ways to bring your business into the future.
  • Expert Design: Expert design is always a step up from one-size-fits-all systems. When you work with On Sight 24/7, you’ll have access to all our expertise.
camera on patrol

Why State-of-the-Art Security Is a Must-Have

Investing in custom security design pays off in the plethora of benefits you receive. Not only does a surveillance system deter workplace crime, but it also gives you, your customers, and your employees peace of mind. A functioning system will allow you to deal with any security issues swiftly and succinctly. Crowd control becomes much easier when you have a bird’s-eye view, and you’ll have an easier time maintaining order on the part of both customers and employees. We provide top-tier network security testing to ensure you reap all these benefits.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in designing a brand-new security system, feel free to give On Sight 24/7 a call. Our team is available during regular business hours Monday through Friday, and we’d love to talk to you. Simply give us a call and let us know what you need from a custom surveillance system. Depending on your location in the Midwest, we’ll refer you to one of our trusted contractors.

Security for Farms, Residential, and Commercial Businesses