On Sight 24/7 Expert Recommendations

One of the nice greatest strengths of the internet is the massive amount of information about products.  With the large amount of information available it is easy to be confused as to the best solution for your particular needs.  The security system experts have experience with several of the products listed below.  The products are for our customers who need home security and the convenience of Amazon.com.

Overall Buying Recommendations

Stay away from cameras and alarm equipment that use standard WiFi connections.  WiFi is a fickle thing.  What works today may not tomorrow,  We tried to use WiFi cameras when we started in business 7 years ago,  We ended up going back to maintain many of the security cameras because of connectivity issues.  While WiFi cameras are easier to install, they also come with lower quality video and connectivity issues.  If you can get a wire from your recording server and the camera that is the best long term solution.

Alarm Systems & Cameras

We recommend simply safe.

Security Cameras For Home

If you are looking for security cameras alone.  This is a good option.  They have cameras that can be used indoor and out.  Come with camera, wire and a nice recording server.  Can Also be used with your Alexa player to view any camera you want to see.