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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

On Sight 24/7 is proud to support Farmers & Ranchers by developing another tool to help reduce crime on American Farms. The purpose of Farm Watch USA is to inform and educate farmers and ranchers on a state specific rural criminal activity. We also will inform the rural public on best practices for deterring crime on your farm.

You do not need to be an On Sight 24/7 customer to participate in the On Sight Farm Watch USA program.

Stay Informed – Connect with your Local Farm Watch Program

Farm Watch USA is a collection of Facebook pages for each state. Select your state on this webpage and select the follow Facebook page link to receive timely noticed of criminal activity for your area.

Farm Watch USA Logo

State by State Rural Criminal Activity

We have partnered with County Sheriff Departments across the USA. We will compile and publish their public posts for each state.

Best Practices to Deter Crime

Experts agree that having more than 1 method for deterring criminal activity is a must. We will communicate the best ideas to all our Facebook followers.

Expert Articles

On Sight will search out expert opinion on rural criminal activity.

Company's outside hanging zoom camera

State Facebook Pages

Our state by state list of Farm Watch States. As of May we are 17 states strong. Will continue to add other states in the future.











North Dakota


South Dakota



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