Cattle Quality Assurance

Many producers use our systems to monitor cattle handling activities on a feedlot.  Best Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras are used to monitor loading and unloading to sorting and penning cattle, a well placed camera can help feedlot management understand how the animals are treated and to help make improvements to cattle handling techniques.  The video can be reviewed later for training purposes.  The cameras can also be used for monitoring the conditions of the pens and to help identify sick animals.


On Sight cattle feedlot Farm Security Camera Systems can make sure that theft is at least deterred and at at most, provide law enforcement video information to help catch cattle thieves.   Our cameras can be placed to keep track of all the potential entry and exits to your property.  They can also be placed near potential load out areas.  Protect your investments.

Inventory Control

Placing Camera near livestock load in and load out is very helpful.  Having a well placed camera behind a loading chute can provide excellent information.  Not only can you get an accurate count of cattle coming and going from your feedlot, but you will have a record of the condition of animals.  That way if there are any issues with trucking or what condition the animals are when they arrive.

Caught in the Act

On Sight has experience helping catching cattle thieves.  On Sight helped catch an employee who was taking cattle from his employer North East Nebraska.  News story link here.

The employee was taking animals from a sick lot located at another farm.  He was caught on cameras that were located a local sales barn.