Live Calving Barn View from South Dakota

Example of On Sight Single High Definition Camera

Thanks to Lehrman Simmentals for live view at their facility.


Live View: On Sight Barn Camera located in North Dakota

Camera currently patrolling loafing area.

Exclusive Automatic On Sight Patrol with Recording:

With the On Sight Patrol, not only can you view all areas of your barn, but the system will record animal status of different locations of the barn all night long.  On Sight will work with you to break up the loafing area within your barn in to several monitoring zones.  Once the patrol is activated, the camera will move from zone to zone all night long, recording everything occurring in the barn.  That way, if you wake up at 2:00 AM to check on birthing progress, you can view the live video and review the recording to ensure the livestock birthing progress is on track.

Don’t put your boots on unless you need to!

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Barn Camera Kit Systems: Perfect for calving, lambing, kidding and foaling.

On Sight barn cameras are available as a kit that can be installed by the producer or a local electrician.  With our kit build process, we will build your kit with the exact measurements for all the components that will be needed in your barn and home. We also provide very detailed instructions that take you step by step through the install.  And as always, if you need help, On Sight support can help with the install.  In fact, we can remote into the video server via the internet for your install to assist with the connection of antennas, cameras and the connection to the internet for mobile streaming.

The barn kits contain 1 Power360 camera, wall mount, 2 antennas, 1 video server and 1 wireless router.  We also include all the outdoor rated cat5e wire, wire fasteners, mounts, and PVC enclosure to protect the electronic components in the barn.  There is nothing else you need to purchase to get this system up and running as fast as possible

Barn Camera Systems Support

All On Sight Wireless Barn Cameras come with On Sight Support.  With over 2,000 cameras supported,  On Sight is automatically notified if your system is having issues.  Every camera and video server reports back to our office.  It is like a heart beat for the system.  If we get an alert of system outage, we will proactively call you to assist with getting the system back up and running.  If a simple fix requires replacement parts, we will work with you to get the replacement parts out to you as fast as possible.

Digital High Definition Barn Cameras:

BarnCam 24/7 is the best way to monitor birthing progress in your barn.  Our cameras feature high definition video with a 360 degree continuous rotation and 20x zoom capability.   You can count straw in the barn if you wanted to.

From your home or on your phone remotely, producers can view the live video from the barn, and move the camera to specific areas of interest.